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About Beacon Real Estate, Beacon New East

Beacon Real Estate was born out of the collective dream of two families, the Greyvensteins and the van der Merwes who wanted to create a real estate company embodying the values of integrity and professionalism that they saw lacking in the Real Estate industry. Beacon Real Estate is a company run by real estate professionals who know the industry inside out and who have been working in the industry for many years.

Dits and Dirk Greyvenstein are household names in Pretoria and have been working as Realtors for 16 years as a multi award winning team. Their professionalism and in-depth market knowledge is well known to all their clients. Their son, Francois has recently left a successful career as a property developer to help build the dream of Beacon Real Estate.

Freda van der Merwe has been working as a Realtor for 21 years and her experience and perseverance even in the toughest of market conditions has been a great asset to her clients over the years. Her son, Jaco has been in the Real Estate industry for six years, which also includes a period in the competitive London property market. His experience in the European property market has left him with a creative and passionate approach to real estate. Together these two families form a strong partnership, working together with other like-minded professionals who strive for the same level of service excellence in the process of guiding their clients home.

At Beacon Real Estate we satisfy the property need of our buyers and sellers in an efficient way by guiding them through the buying and selling process. We provide an outstanding world class professional realtor service, based on a sense of urgency and excellence. We are technologically advanced and the creativeness in our business keep us abreast of the competition.

We at Beacon Real Estate are caring, honest, and disciplined Realtors with a sense for confidentiality. We are a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals who through commitment and creativity are always ahead of the competition using our corporate productivity skills.