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How Do We Differ From Other Estate Agents?

The obvious difference is the dramatically cheaper rate you pay.

Regular estate agents generally charge between 5% - 7% of your property’s selling price whereas with us, you can sell your property and pay a flat fee of only R9 999. To put that into perspective, let’s say you sold your property for R1 Million and paid 5% estate agents commission i.e. R50 000 (you save R40 000 with us), on a R2 Million property you save R90 000) etc

Whilst many estate agents will try to fool you by suggesting otherwise in order to justify their commission, reality is that 98% of all property searches now begin online, so that's where your property needs to be. If a property is priced correctly and it receives maximum online exposure, practically every potential buyer will know about it and it should sell.

Furthermore, traditional and some other online estate agents can work well, but they charge a percentage fee for a sale rather than the lower, fixed fee we charge. Why should you pay more simply because you own a more expensive property? A flat fee regardless of value is fair and does not discriminate as everybody pays the same low fee.