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I started Chaska Homes in 2003 (Chaska is my sons' second name and means first born son in native american), because I saw how, without the demands of working for a corporate, I could offer my clients more time, more understanding, and more empathy during what is often a very stressful transaction. "Quietly getting on with the job", is a phrase I gave Chaska Homes because it suits my personality perfectly. I don`t believe in fancy frills and thrills to attract attention, but rather simple honest market related valuations, followed by attentive and meaningful interactions with both sellers and buyers, to conclude the transaction. I have been living in the Southern Suburbs all my life, and have been cycling and running its streets since I was a teenager. I look foward to hearing from sellers who would like a valuation, or consultation. Even if you are just wanting to know the true situation of the market at present, feel free to call me on my mobile number - 0828919805, or at the office on 0217022714.

Jean du Toit