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We could go on and on about how fabulous we are, how ethical we are, how we’re lovers of dogs, children and llamas alike and our charity work in Machu Picchu…. But surely that isn’t what’s important here. Surely you just want to know that we know what we’re doing and that we care about our clients. So this is how we see it … We realise that you are probably kinda nervous about this whole process We know that you are definitely stressing about how much commission you’re going to be in for We can guess that you’re also rather keen to know what you’re going to get out once all is said and done You’re hoping that you’re going to have agents that listen to your needs and perform accordingly And this is what we can tell you… That we are all human beings and this business is about people. It starts and ends with you our clients That we guide all our dealings with basic human empathy and strive to treat everyone with kindness and compassion That our team has collectively over 50 years of experience in this industry That we guarantee to always do our utmost to achieve the best results possible That we offer realistic and competitive commission structures. That we work wherever you need us to be. We want to work with you and we know that after meeting us you’ll (probably… scratch that … definitely) want to work with us too.