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44 Hannes Louw Drive , De Tijger Parow

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About Hanlie Vivier Estates, De Tijger

Hanlie Vivier is to be the premier provider of real estate services and solutions with an absolute commitment to ethics and integrity ... where the client's interests are best served. Our goal is to capitalize on our experience and resources while adding substantial value for our clients with a proactive approach to service delivery.

We are active agents in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and strive for bottomless service and maintaining our market share in our areas of operation.

Our most active areas are listed below:

  • De Tijger

  • De Tijger Estate

  • Parow-North

  • Oostersee

  • Avondale

  • Boston

  • Loevenstein

  • Plattekloof

  • Panorama

  • Welgelegen

  • Monte Vista

  • Plattekloof Glen