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We don’t ask what’s in it for Us, we ask what’s in it for YOU!


To be the real estate company that is known for best serving your needs in the shortest possible time

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Home Smart Home, new, but not to be overlooked.

Our focus is on you, the client, whether as a buyer or a seller. We want you to find the property that is right for you! We are never too busy to talk to you, help you and set your mind at ease. Your invaluable feedback will ensure that we stay true to our company values and be an example of service excellence in our industry.

We will make marketing your property a satisfying experience! Our Principle Agent, Hannetjie, is knowledgeable in the field and has been in the industry for 16 years as part of several companies, where she received numerous awards in that time. She is a person that persists in the task at hand despite difficulty or obstacles. We as a company want to make a positive and lasting impact in people’s lives and we will persevere to make that a reality. Our office is in a prime location for high visibility