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About Investor Real Estate

Investor Property Rentals (trading as Investor Real Estate) was founded with the Property Investor in mind. Our slogan says it all: Put your money where your house is!

The Vision of Investor Real Estate is to help people discover the benefits of homeownership and assist them on their road to financial stability and wealth creation by investing in excellent real estate opportunities.

Mission statement

Core Purspose:

Investor Real Estate ….

Your property partner in wealth creation

Helping you build financial stability by investing in property.

Core Values

We believe profit and growth are earned through:

•Hard work and commitment

•Being transparent and honest

•Forming lasting business relationships

•Not compromising business ethics and loyalty

Vision Statement

We see ourselves as standing in the gap between:

•investors and investments,

•landlords and tenants

•sellers and buyers

•linking and matching needs and expectations; and

Providing a transparent, accountable and loyal one-stop service backed by business ethics, honesty and commitment.