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About Kellaprince Property Group, Kellaprince Properties Nelspruit cc


Kellaprince Properties was established in 1986 through the merging of F T Kellar & Co and Princeton Rock Properties, competing Real Estate Agencies in Barberton, Mpumalanga. The name “Kellaprince” was derived from the “Kella” in F T Kellar & co, and the “Prince” in Princeton Rock Properties. The original owners of Kellaprince were Keith Kellar, Navarre de Villers and Sally Muntingh. The pedigree of the company however stretches back 127 years to 1887, when F T Kellar & Co was formed by Keith’s grandfather, who established the first Estate Agency in the Lowveld. Keith Kellar (third generation) is still one of the current owners of Kellaprince. Kellaprince opened in Nelspruit in 1990. Navarre de Villiers and Joan Campbell subsequently sold their shares to Keith Kellar in 1997, when Eric Todd then purchased a 50% shareholding in the company. Kellaprince moved to the Village Shopping Centre in 2000, where they are still situated. Eric Todd retired in 2007 and sold his shares to Colin Potgieter and Coral Niemand, key employees of Kellaprince. Coral sold her shares in 2009 to Derek Todd. In 2010 Grant and Courtney Campbell joined Kellaprince and manage the residential department. Grant became a director and shareholder in 2013. Amanda de Lange joined Kellaprince in 2012 and acquired shares and directorship in 2013. Colin took early retirement in 2014.The current owners of Kellaprince are Keith Kellar, Derek Todd, Grant Campbell and Amanda de Lange. VISION: “To provide service excellence in all spheres of the property industry. To serve the industry by building lasting relationships with Buyers, Sellers, Tenants, Investors, Developers and Property Professionals, and to maintain and strengthen our position as leaders in the provision of residential and commercial accommodation in Nelspruit. To professionally manage property with unmatched skill and dedication.”


The shareholders in Kellaprince Properties are Keith Kellar, Derek Todd, Grant Campbell and Amanda de Lange. Their combined management and entrepreneurial skills has made Kellaprince one of the top brands in the residential and commercial market in Nelspruit. Keith has been involved in property all his life, specialising in commercial developments. Amanda is a highly experienced commercial agent and Grant heads up the residential sales and letting department managing some 600 residential properties. Derek is the financial manager, having gained huge experience at SA Breweries and as Operations Director at Value Logistics SA. THE STRENGTHS OF KELLAPRINCE LIES IN THEIR PEOPLE: The Kellaprince style of management is based on a Christian philosophy, and the growth and success of their employees and agents is paramount. Kellaprince pride themselves on keeping their staff for many years, due to an office environment which operates on the principles of mutual respect, inter-dependence and a consultative style of management. There are staff members who have been with the company for over 20 years, and many in excess of 10 years. The premises of Kellaprince are always kept in tip-top condition, and a complete refurbishment and upgrade was completed during 2011. Kellaprince Properties will be moving to the newly expanded Nelspruit Crossing Shopping Centre in April 2016.


Kellaprince are proud of substantial commercial and residential developments in Nelspruit on behalf of various investment syndicates. Over the past 25 years over R500 Million worth of successful developments have been visualised, designed, financed and developed, namely; Acquisitions and Developments by Kellaprince:

Foursome Corner - Mr Veg, Super Quick Value R 3,500,000

Auto and Retail Centre at Riverside Value R51,000,000

Industrial Development for Saffer & Co in Rocky Drift Value R15,000,000

Prime Corner Development with Tiger Wheel, & Others Value R45,000,000

Office Block - Kellaprince House Value R 8,000,000

Office Block - Southern Life House Value R 6,500,000

“The Village” Neighbourhood Shopping Centre Value R36,000,000

New building for Nedbank (Boland Bank) Value R18,000,000

Office Block for PQ Africa - Village Value R10,000,000

Office Block for ITI Computers – 44 Marloth Street Value R 8,000,000

Office Block for CTI Computers – Murray Corner Value R 8,000,000

Mopani Building – Nelspruit Crossing Value R28,000,000

Macrovest – Riverside Industrial Value R26,000,000

Stinkhout Corner – Working on Fire Value R10,500,000

Rapid Corner – Riverside Industrial Park Value R24,600,000

Commercial Corner – Old Union Motors Value R50,000,000

Suikerriet Industrial Development Value R32,000,000

Tiger Wheel & Tyre – White River Value R 8,100,000

Riverside Circle Industrial Development Value R56,000,000

PWC Building in Brander Street Value R22,000,000

45 Murray street – Office block Value R 4,600,000

The above have all been financed by careful borrowing, with syndicates of private investors providing the necessary equity, thus giving the smaller private investor an opportunity to invest in commercial property which otherwise would not have been possible. There are on-going developments, and investors are welcome to visit Keith or Derek for further details. The returns from privately held and managed commercial property are substantial, with nett returns on investment around 14% upwards.

Residential Developments Sold by Kellaprince:

Riverside Estates – Joint Developer & sole marketing agent’s 80 units

Riverside Gardens Phase 1 & 2 sole marketing agent’s 52 units

Yardley Village - sole marketing agent’s 50 units

Pine Acres – sole marketing agents 32 units

Glentana – sole marketing agent’s 15 units

Valley View Estate – developers and sole marketing agent’s 27 units

The Village Square Apartments – sole marketing agents 27 units

Lockwood Apartments – Joint agents 163 Units


Kellaprince’s services are built on five blocks:

• Commercial Property Development

• Commercial Property & Facilities Management

• Commercial Sales & Letting

• Residential Sales

• Residential Letting

Commercial Property Development:

The development of Commercial and Industrial property financed through a careful blend of borrowing and private investment to give maximum returns to private property investors, and at the same time providing prime premises for national and well qualified tenants. Over the past 25 years Kellaprince have established excellent relationships with the major national groups in South Africa, and our mission is un-rivalled on-going service to this industry. Kellaprince has the Slogan “If suitable premises are not available, we’ll build them!!”

In 2009 KPP (Kellaprince Property Projects (Pty) Ltd) was formed, which is an independent property development and investment company managed by Kellaprince Properties, with an independent board of directors to ratify all major investment decisions. Most property developments are channelled through this company which has become a major player in the commercial property field in the Nelspruit region. It currently has assets of some R285 million (2015).

The above services are mainly handled by Keith Kellar, and Derek Todd.

Commercial Property & Facilities Management:

Management goes hand in glove with property development and ownership, and the on-going management of property assets is vital to its future value, to both investors and tenants. Kellaprince has built up a proven track record in this field and currently manage over R500 million rand’s worth of prime commercial property in Mpumalanga. The updating and re-valuation of properties features high on our priorities. “We take the hassle out of property ownership” by providing the full range of services which includes letting, rental collection, cleaning services, security, maintenance, collection of municipal services, meter reading, and payment of municipal accounts. The above services are handled by Derek Todd and Sakkie de Lange.

Commercial Sales & Letting:

Kellaprince offer a full range of commercial properties for sale and to let, as well as businesses for sale, which have to be viable before being accepted. Kellaprince have a wealth of experience in the letting of commercial properties, and understand the importance and value of well-written detailed leases, which are handled “in-house”. The maintenance of commercial properties is crucial to their effective lifespan, and in this respect Kellaprince invest a huge amount of time and effort in budgeting for preventative maintenance to keep their properties in tip-top condition. Derek Todd and Sakkie de Lange are responsible for this function. Kellaprince acquired the services of Amanda de Lange in 2011, a highly experienced commercial property broker, who has added great value to this company through her contacts and networking with other leading property brokers in South Africa.

Residential Sales:

A wide range of residential properties are always available for sale or rental. The updating and re-valuations of properties features very highly on our priority list. Ability, Excellence, Professionalism and Results describe our competent agents, who feel personally responsible to each buyer and seller. They are totally committed to providing a professional service to meet the client’s needs, and assisting them in accomplishing their goals.

Our real estate experience is extensive and goes back some 29 years in Nelspruit. Our business is as much about people as it is about properties. It is not just selling Real Estate, but also caring about finding the right residence for the right person or family at the right time at the right price. Kellaprince is the oldest and most well established Estate Agency in Nelspruit. This department is this headed up by Grant Campbell, the residential Sales Manager of Kellaprince.

Residential Letting:

The Residential Letting Department of Kellaprince Properties is by far the largest in Nelspruit, with a team of 7 full time experienced and competent administrators. Kellaprince have over 600 residential properties in their rental portfolio, and are therefore able to always offer new properties becoming available. Due to excellent management systems , tenants and landlords are assured of service excellence. This department is managed by the highly experienced team of Grant and Courtney Campbell.


We are confident that with our proven track record, operational excellence and unwavering focus on our client’s needs, we are optimistic about the future of the property market in Nelspruit. With the development of the new High Court, the new University and Hospital, the population of Nelspruit is set to grow with positive spin-offs for the property industry.


Kellaprince operate in the dynamic city of Nelspruit, now Mbombela, Capital of Mpumalanga, which is on the Maputo Corridor.

Kellaprince’s offices are in The Crossing Shopping Centre, Shop 78, off the R40, Nelspruit.