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Introduction to the LWD business philosophy

Many people promise great service and have the best intentions to start with. I own investment properties and thus my insight into property management came, initially, from an owner (investor) perspective, and later from a property manager perspective.

Over time I developed a great working relationship with the owner, and founder, of LWD and eventually purchased the business. LWD was founded on the principle of great service and I merely took my systems knowledge, 25 years of practical business knowledge and, as a property investor, the knowledge of what an investor wants from a service perspective and added that to an already smart business.

At LWD we keep things simple and differentiate ourselves on the basis of doing what we say we will do. To this end we have the following in place:

  • A Customer Relationship Package (CRM) that manages our client relationships ensuring that we remember and keep our promises to you. All our agents are hooked up to the CRM system and are expected to manage their meetings, inspections and follow up in an organised manner.

  • Our property management database handles the business end of the deal. That is ensuring that we manage your investment property from a financial perspective. This information is communicated to you automatically via our state of the art system.

  • LWD is a TPN registered service provider meaning that we do comprehensive screening of across all three major credit bureaus in South Africa. We are competent to issue letters of demand and perform blacklisting’s.

  • We conduct 4 monthly inspections and store photos and reports. You are given feedback after an inspection so that we can address any issues promptly. This saves money in the long run.

  • We attend AGM’s on behalf of owners, where relevant, thus ensuring that we understand the broader dynamics and can make informed decisions and actions.

  • We are RNS affiliated enhancing the speed of transactions where necessary.

  • We have approved partners (Electricians, Plumbers, Debt collection services, Handymen)

  • Our access to SAPTG ensures that your property is neither overvalued nor undervalued.

Your property is our business