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About Momentum International Realty, Cape Town

Momentum International Realty is a technology-powered real estate company. The company offers agents a 100 percent virtual setup, where agents are empowered with all the technology, licensing and operational tools they need, without having to be associated with a physical office. The company aims to bring real estate agents more freedom and flexibility, while keeping overhead to a minimum and technology assistance and tools to a maximum. In a profession where time in the field is crucial, Momentum International Realty with its hasslefree, accommodating business model.

Momentum International Realty ( MIR ) questions

Why choose MIR? You may choose working for a traditional Estate Agency, pay monthly fees, keep less of your commission in your pocket and not get the value you need, OR, join MIR and grow your own business! We build technology that empowers you and provide the business terms (split, leads etc.) to enable you to make more money, at your own terms.

Do you provide office space? Or Can I work from home? We know the industry is turning online and that spending money on offices is becoming unnecessary. Our offices are for our developers and administrative staff. We allow you to enjoy the reduced cost of operation of our agency due to our online nature. If you have a smartphone, scanner, printer and pc/laptop – you are all set. You can work from wherever you choose to!

How will I get leads? We developed a state-of-the-art lead generation system and we constantly advertise (at our expense) on major search engines and real estate related websites. Upon joining, you indicate what area you wish to receive leads for and we then forward leads in your area to you. Leads arrive directly to your phone or laptop by email.

Are there any fixed fees I should pay? Just like you, we hate fees. You pay no fixed fees of any kind!