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We specialise in Residential Rentals in the Benoni and Boksburg areas on the East Rand. We are the Specialists in complete and professional leasing and letting services with 25 years of experience in the property and leasing market.

NQF – What it means to you when you deal with Monarch Rentals

Estate Agents are now subject to new legislation in that agents now need to hold a certain qualification before they are issued with a Fidelity Fund Certificate and are allowed to practise as an Estate Agent. No person is allowed to practise as an Estate Agent or deal in property if he or she is not in possession of a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate.

The minimum qualification for anyone dealing in property is known as NQF4 and, for a Principal, NQF5. The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) is the government body responsible for ensuring quality in all Education in South Africa and is a body where members are appointed by the Ministers of Education and Labour.

The aim is to raise and standardise the level of training in the Industry and, ultimately, improve the service to the Public because of the training Agents must now undergo. To be judged “competent” an Agent must demonstrate (Foundational) understanding of what they are doing and why this underpins the practical competence and therefore the actions taken. An Agent must demonstrate ability to perform a set of tasks (Practical) in an authentic context where a range of actions or possibilities are considered and decisions are made about which actions to follow.

Lastly (Reflexive) an Agent must demonstrate ability to integrate performance with understanding, so as to show that the learner is able to adapt to changed circumstances appropriately and responsibility; and to explain the reason behind an action.

As a professional Company, Monarch Rentals supports any move to upgrade the Industry and to improve the Public’s perception of Estate Agents and, as a result, all our Agents either already hold the required qualification or are in the process of obtaining it.

Our History

Monarch Rentals began in June 1993 when Grant Haydock decided to start a rental division to complement the sales activities of Monarch Property Consultants (Pty) Ltd. Margaret Lumley started off the department with just a typewriter and a telephone and it soon became apparent that this was not going to be any rental “corner” but had the potential for considerable growth. Using a play on words with Monarch, the division became dubbed “Monarch’s Kingdom of Rentals”. Once the portfolio reached about 80 properties, Robert (Margaret’s husband) joined her in November 1994 and took over the Marketing side of the business. His speciality is buy to let advice which, taken with financial planning advice, has helped many a potential investor. Nicholas, their younger son began helping out on Saturdays whilst he was still at school and joined the company after completing his schooling. He spent about a year overseas with Savills in Kent, U.K. and returned to re-join the business, bringing with him ideas and a different approach to the business. Nicholas heads up the marketing and advertising division and was responsible for the introduction of the website as a marketing tool, as well as the Social Media aspects of our advertising.

In 1995, Grant and Heather Haydock, showing faith with both the Industry and Benoni, took the huge step of building a prestigious double storey office block “Monarch House” in Farrarmere and the Company moved from the rented offices in Russel Street. The emphasis has always been on Rentals as a specialised industry and the Rentals was always run separately from the sales side. As business increased, the Rentals Department “split” into various sections with Administration/Accounts, Front Desk, Repairs & Maintenance/Inspections and Marketing developing and working together and the size of the staff increasing. With the growth of the business, the rental administration was increasing to such an extent that a “right hand man” was needed and Linda Kerford joined the team in 2000 and was made a Director of the Company in August 2012.

2003 saw Grant and Heather deciding to close the sales side of the business in order to concentrate on new developments and Margaret, Robert & Nicholas bought the Rentals business from them. They formed the company Kingdom of Rentals cc and continued to trade as “Monarch Rentals” renting offices in Monarch House. Ronel Olivier joined Monarch Rentals in 2004 to head up the Front Desk Team. Lindy Watson joined the Accounts/Administration side in 2006 bringing with her considerable accounting skills which was a huge benefit with the portfolio at that stage numbering about 600 properties.

In 2012, on advice from the Company’s Auditors, it was decided to convert to become a (Pty) Ltd. company rather than continue to operate as a C.C. and Monarch Rentals (Pty) Ltd. was formed. 2012 also saw a major milestone in growth with the purchase of the Company’s own business premises. The property is in an excellent position on a corner stand on a busy, main road in Farrarmere and is situated opposite the Farrarmere Square/Medicross. The big advantage for the Company, apart from ownership, is that it provides much-needed parking for clients and gives more space from which to conduct and grow operations.

Presently the staff complement is 13 people, including Robert, Margaret, Nicholas and Linda. Our ever helpful, courteous and polite receptionist, Lorraine Harrison, has been with us since April 2002. The Front Desk Team (headed by Ronel Olivier) comprises Kristy Mellanby (who has been with us since April 2007), Jackie Garura (October 2014). The Repairs/Maintenance/Inspection Division consists of Anne-Marie Van Deventer and Natasha Das. The Marketing team comprises Robert and Nicholas together with Rebecca Maphanga. Rebecca joined the Company in February 2008 as part of the Front Desk team, but was promoted to the Marketing Department in recognition of her considerable ‘people’ skills and friendly, helpful nature. Linda shoulders the majority of the administration side of the Company with Lindy, Lee-Ann Kohl and Margaret handling Accounts. Our last, but not least, member of staff is Witness Ntombela who capably keeps the offices clean and tidy.

As a Company Monarch Rentals (Pty) Ltd supports any move to upgrade the Industry and to improve the Public’s perception of Estate Agents and, as a result, all of our Agents either already hold the required qualification or are in the process of obtaining it.

Currently running about 1,000 properties on either a Full Service or a “One-Time-Commission’ basis, Monarch Rentals (Pty) Ltd has the experience, expertise and qualifications to be able to offer a Complete and Professional Leasing and Letting Service. We look forward to serving the Benoni / Boksburg Owners and Tenants as well as potential Owners and Tenants for many years to come.