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We do not compromise, we focus only on residential property. We love it so much that we live in it ourselves, it's great!!!

Have you ever heard the rain fall on a zinc roof, or enjoyed the heat of of the afternoon sun's rays through a bay envelops you from all sides. Have you ever sat with twenty two people around a twelve seater dining room table and ate "skilpadjies" and mieliepap? Did you ever watch the stars from a large "stoep" while sipping coffee from a tin mug?

Have you ever experienced "Coming Home" after a long time away and just knowing that everything will be in its place, familiar, invitingly friendly...home.

That's what we specialize in, memories...those special experiences that seem so timeless that yesterday ends up being ten years back when...when that vivid memory was actual reality...

To be honest, it's actually our Agents, they're the specialists. Our job is to support them and to ensure that they don't have to sweat the small stuff. They can focus solely on your Dreams and Memories while we provide the infrastructure, paperwork, legal support, compliance and all the other ugly business words that steal time from you and your family's memory time. We do not make it possible for our agents to succeed, we make it impossible to fail. That's RealEstateSA, and that's what we do.

You might be in the process of gathering up your memories and transferring them to a new "dreambox" or home as people generally know them, we would love to share in your experience, to make it memorable and even to share in some of them. Please do call us, or one of our Agents directly, we consider it a privilege to be of service.