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About PS Home

I am a very enthusiastic and high-spirited person. I love to inject a positive, optimistic note into any endeavour.

My greatest asset is my ability to see both sides of an issue, and to negotiate and bring about compromise and reconciliation. I work well with people in business and are interested in finance and economics

My background enables me to understand and identify with many different types of people and cultures.

I am a perfectionist and have high standards for my own work.

Doing a task well is very important for me. I strive for accuracy, efficiency, and precision.

My aim is to empower YOU, the customer and prospective home owner by making YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! The way I work is to THINK and ACT like owners. I can only do that by providing valuable information and being loyal to YOU the customer.

My advice to prospective home owners is to:

  • Be open about what you want

  • Be approachable

  • Involve the right people

  • Communicate, inform and listen

  • Be respective to new ideas

  • Discuss and explain decisions