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Statement by Management

RealNet Holdings has been established since 1995 and is regarded as a premier real estate brand in South Africa.

RealNet Bedfordview / Edenvale is an independently owned franchise office of this very successful brand. It is our clear intent to

become the company of choice amongst sellers and buyers in our operating market of Bedfordview, Edenvale and Kensington.

To support this objective, the management team have committed themselves to the pursuit of service excellence in all that we do.

Strategic alliances are in place with key partners to ensure we are able to fulfill our obligations to mandated sellers and buyers

alike. All of our focus is on providing you, our client, with the most satisfying real estate experience. We believe in order for us to

fully realize our objective, we need to position ourselves in such a way as to attract and retain talented real estate professionals.

We believe that the vision and mission statement coupled to our values will support this. RealNet Bedfordview / Edenvale is a

member of IEASA.


RealNet’s vision is to become the most respected real estate company in the Bedfordview, Edenvale and Kensington suburbs

and to have the most dedicated and profitable team of estate agents attending to property needs of the community.


RealNet Bedfordview / Edenvale, through its team of estate agents , wants to ensure that all stakeholders are able to extract

maximum value from the RealNet Experience, thereby creating the highest success in your property transaction and the most

profitable outcome for you, our client.


RealNet has RealValues that make a RealDifference in its performance, in the lives of its people and to its clients. RealNet is

Action Orientated and maintains high levels of professionalism and expertise among its estate agents. RealNet aspires to be the

Most Respected real estate company in Bedfordview, Edenvale and Kensington and thus maintain absolute integrity, credibility

and trust in all business dealings. RealNet has an entrepreneurial approach in all its dealings and it approaches all activities in a

fresh and creative manner. RealNet’s people live the value of abundance and are always supportive, transparent and participative

in all their interactions. RealNet strives to create and maintain long-term partnerships that add the “ultimate value” and

Make a Difference in people’s lives.