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Realtors International has developed an enviable track record and reputation in the property industry over the last 25 years. The team has survived many shifts in the market and weathered several economic challenges, most notably the recent recession. As they say - calm seas never made a skilled sailor!

But we have endured and learnt a great deal - How to best move forward in an industry beset by poor reputation and poor service delivery. The time has come for change and Realtors International is more than just aware of the need to change - we have embraced it and dead set on pioneering a powerful future!

Over the past 12 months we have invested greatly in new technology and service orientated products to find a new, but stable and profitable way, to revolutionise the industry and cement our future in a volatile market. But for ultimate success, we must remain true to our core principles and values of integrity, professionalism, old school family values, humility, honesty, sustainability, value for money and transparency.

Technology is advancing daily. Consumers are extremely savvy and ever increasing access to technology has exposed them to greater choices and education on process, services and costs - and agent. We must respond if we are to remain relevant. We need to change how we do things. With a customer centric brand built around old school values and principles, but using technology to increase our speed, efficiency, profitability and reach.


The rate of global uptake in technology and new media is unprecedented. Nothing could have ever predicted the growth rates of mobile literacy, speed of the internet, growth of Apple or the uptake of Facebook and social media. All these advancements haven’t just meant a change in how we are entertained, but more over in how we communicate, transact, research and buy - it has changed the very way in which we live.

But already it has become commoditised - it is no longer about the iPad, the Blackberry, Facebook and Twitter. It is about content, experience, and context.

The use of technology for technology’s sake is a fool’s ambition. We need to start interrogating why we use technology, what is its real purpose in business, entertainment and communication? For us, it is simple: The more advanced technology becomes, the more old school its use.

It is all about service and face time. In a world where technology is designed to reduce face time, we’re using it to increase it. We are using technology to create efficiency in business operation, ensuring that the consumer has more time sitting opposite our staff, building trust and long term relationships.

_ *CNL*_ :

CNL represents: Corporate Network Listings

All the participants are qualified and experienced professional Agents and all the member companies have serviced Bothasig and surrounding areas for 20 years, some longer.

CNL is a multiple listing network which services the Bothasig and surrounding areas and has been in existence for more than 20 years.

All mandates are listed on CNL and then numerous agents market the properties on behalf of the Sellers ... What a Winner.

Although we are in fierce competition with one another, we work well together for the benefit of our Sellers & Buyers.


Bothasig and surrounding areas have a diverse selection of quality and affordable houses, homes, townhouses, cluster homes, apartments and flats available for sale, with easy access to the N1 and N7 freeways and Cape Town’s City Centre, making this family friendly, Northern suburb very central and in close proximity to excellent schools, after care and crèche facilities, library, parks, sports field, various places of worship, community hall, medical centre, vet, up market shopping malls, various entertainment, police station and a well routed municipal bus and taxi service.

Bothasig is located about 15 Km Northeast of Cape Town’s city centre, Bothasig is an affordable residential area that lies just off the N1 Freeway in the Northern Suburbs. The area’s main claim to fame is the Christmas lights, which are famous throughout the country as some of the best festive lights in South Africa. The properties for sale in Bothasig include residential houses and homes, apartments and flats that are known to be excellent value for money, with the added convenience of being able to commute to and from work in the Mother City. The Northern Suburbs are becoming increasingly popular with property investors who are looking to escape the madness of inner city life, but still be close enough not to feel isolated.

Realtors International Agents are willing and waiting to hear from You! We’ll gladly assist, whether selling Your home or to find Your perfect home with ease, comfort and no stress. Please call 021 558 0170 for any enquiries or visit Our Website/Facebook at for more details and various properties for sale.

“Our GOAL is to find YOUR perfect home”


We believe wholeheartedly in our ability to deliver on this new and exciting advancement in the property industry and invite you to join us as we continue to evolve and grow into a major player in our industry.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a chat with me or any member of our team, please give me a call, I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind Regards / Vriendelike Groete,

Rob Norval

Principal / Estate Agent

Realtors International