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About Rent Me Buy Me

RentmeBuyme is a new breeze that is penetrating the Real Estate Industry. We currently have two outlets: our Head office in Blouberg and another branch in Tyger Waterfront. This does not restrict our field as the entire Cape Town is our oyster! We have an agent in YOUR area ready to help you today…

We offer an “all inclusive” service to meet all your Real Estate needs.

We specialise not only in the whole process of finding and placing a qualified tenant for your property, but also in the process of finding a suitable buyer for your property (or of course: a suitable property for you as buyer or tenant).

We have a dynamic team of qualified professionals eager to be of service to you!

Contact us now for an experience that will leave you feeling satisfied, happy and with peace of mind.

Our aim is to find THE solution to your Real Estate needs.

Try us.

You WILL like us.