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STATS PROPERTIES has been in existence since November 2004 and is located in Lynnwood Glen, in Pretoria. The business is headed by Peter Stathakis who has been in the property industry since 1992. He spent many years managing and leasing commercial, retail, industrial and residential properties.

At STATS Properties we work a little differently to the traditional Estate Agency. We work exclusively by referral. We do not spend our time canvassing clients by cold-calling them at night, nor by knocking on doors asking for business, nor by gate crashing other agents’ clients when we see their boards outside the houses.

We prefer to spend our time keeping contact with our clients on our Client Referral Programme as well as giving quality time and attention to the referrals we receive. Because we have decided to work exclusively by referral, we are constantly working at improving the level of service we provide to all our clients. In our business the most profound asset we possess is the respect of our clients and so delivering quality service is vitally important to us.

We also embrace the principle of LIST HARD, Sell easy. This means that we assess all properties we are offered to sell realistically in terms of the current market conditions, the state of the property and the price class. Our aim is to sell every property that we list. Hence we do a lot of paper work and on-site inspections in order to give Sellers the most accurate information about a realistic price for their property as well as tips on how to improve the probability of selling their property.

We also manage various residential rental properties which is not without its own unique challenges. Investing in a property to rent can offer some great returns over time, but it also has to be treated with respect and requires sound knowledge to avoid the very real pitfalls! Hence it is advisable to use a rental agent like Stats Properties.


_ *Oh, by the way, if you know of someone thinking of buying, selling or renting property, who would appreciate the kind of service we offer, we’d love to help them.*_