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About Zotos Property Group

Over 40-years of reputation

Our story of the Zotos Property Group begins in 1970, two brothers, one house, a dream and a tireless effort to make the dream a reality. It was then that the brothers Chris and Kosta formed the Zotos Brothers Construction Company – based on the principle that by giving their family name to the company, they put personal reputation on the line.

Rapidly, the brothers' endless energy, abundant enthusiasm, swift work rate, timeous delivery and superior workmanship created a reputation for holistic services and uncompromising quality – driving the company's growth – Literally beginning with the construction of a single home, then two, then more – Growing to today's business with thousands of projects behind the Zotos name.

Developing Standards

Right from the start Zotos-built homes stood out through their obvious quality. From their imaginative architectural styles and innovative design features, to their tasteful finishes and superb craftsmanship – With this ethos of distinction also permeating our company's expansion into commercial and industrial developments – Always combined with service levels throughout the Zotos Property Group, that have become an industry benchmark.

Developing the future

Ultimately, through over four decades of constant evolution, we have realised that what we do is not about preparing for the future, but creating it! – Which is why the innovative spirit that characterises us, continues – Acknowledged in our industry through the various awards – Reaching out to tomorrow as we explore the new realities of Green design and sustainable development.

Developing relationships

But beyond our multi-award-winning work, it's our ethos of upstanding honesty and ultimately integrity that gives our clients, partners and suppliers the assurance of a long-term partnership between us – The guarantee of a lifelong association that is founded on a bedrock of trust – the certainty that we will put heart soul and ability into our work … completely!