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Carol is the AREA PRINCIPAL for the Pam Golding North Durban franchise. She has degrees in Law, Psychology and Management, which she achieved CUM LAUDE. She also has an NQF 8 qualification in real estate. She is one of the most highly educated principals in the property industry, and has twenty years’ experience in the field. She subscribes to the belief that life is about seeing the opportunity in every difficulty. She runs her business with ethics, a positive outlook and a strong client-focus. Find out more about me

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Q & A with Carol Reynolds - Durban North

What do you love about Durban North?

For me, as a mom with young children, Durban North is the most amazing place to live. It's got at least ten fantastic schools, all within a five to ten kilometre radius, and you are literally in the hub of convenience here. There are lots of little shops close by and you can happily live in a self-contained bubble in Durban North. It's also a wonderful community: very down to earth, which I love. We go to the beach a lot, which is why I wanted to move back to KZN. My husband's a surfer, and my kids love the beach. We go for walks on the promenade in Umhlanga. It's a stunning place to live.

What is special about Durban North properties?

I love the charm of the homes here. It's an older suburb, so you can buy these beautiful character homes and then you can modernize them by going white: which means dropping a white paint bomb into your home!

Most of the homes also have level gardens with beautiful pools and lovely entertainment areas. It's a very safe neighborhood. We've got 24 hour patrolling in our neighborhood and there is a lot of security in the area.

Q & A with Carol Reynolds - Umhlanga

Can you tell us about the area you work in?

We operate from Durban to Umdloti: the little wealth node of KZN, that beautiful coastal strip. It's really becoming the place to be at the moment, it's a very exciting area to work in. In fact, from a Pam Golding perspective, our research department has been so intrigued by this little node in KZN because it just seems to be bucking all national trends.

The growth in the area is phenomenal, we're anticipating around R3 billion worth of property development to be pouring into Umhlanga over the next couple of years, so it's a really exciting, dynamic market to be working in.

How did you get into the property game?

I started working at Pam Golding when I was completing my law degree, when I was 23. My mom had just purchased the Pam Golding franchise in Pietermaritzburg. So, I worked with her for a while and then when I relocated to Cape Town I worked as an agent at the Hout Bay office as well. In fact, I even considered working as Andrew Golding's PA at one stage, but then I landed the most phenomenal TV series which sent me travelling all over the world and I just couldn't turn that down.

But I needed to settle down again and have a family, so I was looking for a real job again, and of course, property came calling. Property is in my blood: my father was a conveyancer for years, I studied law, my grandfather was a developer, my mom is at Pam Golding, in actual fact my whole family works at Pam Golding! So, it was just a natural move for me, and when the opportunity rose I grabbed it.

Why did you choose Pam Golding?

I was very fortunate that my mom had already opened the door to Pam Golding Properties, and I think she chose the company because it's founded on values like integrity and truth, it's a family owned business and that has always appealed to us. The fact that it happens to be the best brand in South Africa obviously adds huge value to working for a company like this. I'm a firm believer in the power of the brand.

What do you love about property? What I love about property is the fact that it is so tangible: you can walk in and create this beautiful safe haven, it becomes your home. It's the perfect balance of investment and creativity and design, which really appeals to me. I also like being in this industry because actually it's less about property and more about people, and I value people and relationships. I think, in fact, that's what sets Pam Golding apart. It's one of our mottos: we don't like to chase the deal, we like to nurture the relationship. I think that's very important.

Why would somebody choose your Umhlanga branch?

I'm very blessed to have some of the best agents in the industry, in fact the top agent in Umhlanga works for Pam Golding, and the top development agent is also part of my team. We have a winning formula: top agency and top agents. So from a client’s perspective, particularly in a market like Umhlanga that is an affluent market, it makes sense to align your home with the best brand in the business.

I always use the example of a pair of jeans that's manufactured in a factory in China. The same pair of jeans will be manufactured and one pair will have an amazing logo on it. And the other will be sort of an unbranded pair, and you literally can achieve a 300 to 400% higher mark up on the branded pair of jeans. And I believe the same applies to property. If you've got a beautiful home, you need to match it with the best brand. And that brand then adds extra credibility and exclusivity to your property, which hopefully in the end fetches you a better price. That's what we aim to do at Pam Golding. I think our brand speaks volumes to the buyer pool. The minute you see a Pam Golding ‘For Sale’ board outside your home, it sounds exclusive. You know it’s a prestigious property, buyers want to see it.