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Q & A with Desiraye Naidoo

How did you get into property?

I studied law for two years, then I worked as a personal trainer for two years. And because I had a sales background, I decided to sell property Instead of selling holidays. And so I did my board exams and decided to work for Pam Golding.

Why did you choose Pam Golding Properties?

I’m all about status and brand, so I decided Pam Golding is the best real estate company and that's where I want to be. I want to be associated with the best and that is why I chose Pam Golding Properties. And they chose me, so I was happy. I believe that we should live, love and celebrate life – I can do that here.

What makes Umdloti special?

Seeing nice properties everyday and going to new places excites me. I've been in this area for 10 years, but I grew up in the north coast so I’ve actually been here for 30 odd years. I like the complexes here, I know exactly what each complex is like, I know how well it's maintained, I know the size of the units. When I was growing up, Umdloti was always the place that I wanted to retire to. You can come here, park your car, walk to the beach, walk to restaurants and totally de-stress and relax. If you want quiet and peace, then Umdloti is the ultimate destination.