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Q & A with Jimmy du Preez

How did you get into property?

I've been a real estate agent going through all the moves of being an agent – exams, registered with the EAAB and all that – for the last three years. I started off actually being a teacher. In 2000 I started to do what I guess most South Africans do: investing in property as a sort of secondary income. And having my own property portfolio I thought: well that could be a good job to do the whole day and not just as a hobby.

What do you love about Pretoria East?

Obviously this is the area where the developments are and where there is action, and that’s why I like working here. And I live here as well, so I know the community. As an estate agent, you need to be part of the community. You can't live in Pretoria West and be an agent in Pretoria East. That just doesn't work because you don't have the feeling for the area.

What’s your favourite part of being an estate agent?

I had a boss, and he said something very, very important to me one day. He said there must be two priorities in life: the first priority is that you must have a job. But the second priority is that you must have a job that you like. And a lot of people work their whole life and never have that job. But I can say that I’ve now got the job that I love. And it's because of the love of people.