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Coming from the corporate industry all my life; having obtained qualifications from Project Management, Business & Marketing Management – I have realised earlier on in life that education & skill forms a great part of our daily lives & day to day interactions with clients; we have to live up to a mini expectation of a certain level of competency; which I believe lacks greatly in the industry as a whole. However with education, skill & the necessary knowledge, we believe that great family values is the core of our being; therefore we connect with our clients on a more personal / family orientated level – as we are also a family team; myself being the Principal Agent, & my son, known as Richard-Dean being an Intern Agent. To us family is everything!We not just pride ourselves in continuous professional development; therefore being able to provide an excellent level of knowledge and service to our buyers and sellers on a daily basis; but we’re also actively involved in our community. Find out more about me

My Awards

  • Business Management 2017 BMT College
  • SA Board for People Practices 2012 Project Management
  • Marketing Management 2011 Intec College

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Rene Bekker
Rene Bekker Rene Bekker Properties
Top 10 things to do when selling your home. #1 Call me. I’ll handle the other 9