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Q & A with Shelley Halgreen

How did you get into property?

I've always been passionate about real estate. My dad was a land surveyor so it's always been in the family and I decided that, well, it's now or never. And I never looked back. In fact, I wish I'd started many years ago. It's in my blood now. My blood is green, Pam Golding green. And what I get from it is so much enjoyment.

Why did you choose Pam Golding Properties?

I’ve been with Pam Golding for 10 years this year. I love the brand, love the company, love the family – they’re my type of people.

What makes Durban special?

I work Durban Beachfront, Point Waterfront, Musgrave, Berea, pretty much the whole of the CBD. The Durban Beachfront, Point Waterfront: fantastic. It’s vibrant, cosmopolitan, there’s so much to do all the time. If you come here in the evening or early morning, there are people running along this beautiful promenade that we have which runs from north to south, or south to north. There’s beautiful cycling, skateboarding, and of course the surfing if you surf.

What do you love about your job?

My favourite part about working as a property professional is that no day is the same. There are highs and lows, but more highs than lows and the rewards are fantastic. The monetary rewards, the rewards when you see people with the keys to their new homes – be it a R200,000 home or a two million property or a five million property – everybody is the same and to share in their joy is absolutely amazing.