Vat Jou Goed en Trek

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Private Property is proud to be a sponsor of the latest season of Vat Jou Goed en Trek on kykNET. Each episode will introduce viewers to a family who is having difficulty selling their home. The Vat Jou Goed en Trek team and local estate agents are called in to help. Working together, the team renovate the home to improve its value and saleability. The revamped property is then revealed to the owners and put back on to the market.

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Recently on Vat Jou Goed En Trek

Episode 6: Icare Hospice Makeover
In this episode of Vat Jou Goed en Trek, the team renovate a centre that provides education, meals and shelter for street children.
Episode 7 – Converting a home for a blind couple
Inspired by a social media post that showed a waitress reading to a blind patron, the team undertake to convert a home that a couple want to use as a centre for the blind.
Episodes 4 and 5: Nursery school makeover
The owners of a daycare in Benoni are forced to sell when their daughter takes ill. Henk and the team help transform the rundown space and make it attractive to buyers.
Episode 3 - Downsizing in retirement
This episode of Vat Jou Goed en Trek sees the team visit a retired couple that wants to sell up and move to a retirement village.
Episode 2: Selling up after a divorce
Ana and Mason Sithole are getting a divorce and need to sell quickly so that they can move on with their lives. The team needs to get their run down Bela-Bela home show ready fast!

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