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Interest rate predictions for 2015
Comparing the interest rates in 2014, with predictions for 2015.
Factors that influence the property market
The three most important factors that will impact the property market in 2015.
Trends in the property industry for 2015
The future of the housing market looks positive and consistent.
First time buyers don't need to panic
A recent report released by John Loos, the household and property strategist with FNB, indicates that agents who participated in the group’s Agent Survey believe that around one third of first time buyers are suffering from ...
Grand Designs Live showcases ‘up-cycled’ living
The show was divided into sections, specifically Grand Gourmet, Grand Interiors, Grand Build, Grand Kitchens and Bathrooms and Grand Gardens. A new section was also provided for Grand ‘Off the Grid’ exhibitors. Each section ...
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