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Buying into an estate
Tim Akinnusi talks about applying for finance when buying into an estate, and the pro's and con's of estate living.
Green building now more cost effective than ever
Green buildings can now be built for a little more than traditional buildings. For the environmental and economic benefits, it deserves serious consideration.
Future-proof your commercial property
In these tough economic times, business owners can mitigate costs and risks by purchasing their commercial property outright.
The best (and worst) reasons to tap into your home equity
Unlocking your home equity for a home renovation or two can be a profitable investment… just don’t go splurging it on shopping sprees and unsettled bills.
Home improvements to add value
Thinking of putting in a pool or building a new room on your property? The ooba experts advise that as with any other financial outlay, a renovation needs planning and forethought to add value.
SA’s property sector now valued at R5.8 trillion
A study has revealed that the property sector is South Africa has grown by an incredible R1 trillion in the past 4 years.
The ins and outs of renting out an investment property
Tips for new landlords including whether to furnish the property, finding a great tenant and getting rid of a not so great tenant.
Private Property launches SA’s first comprehensive commercial property platform
Private Property has identified a need in the market for a property website that effectively showcases commercial listings and have designed a platform that does exactly that.
How to beat rental crooks
Bogus agents and landlords are using the increasing demand for rental property to scam potential tenants. Here’s how you can avoid being defrauded.
Is my landlord obliged to provide security
Are landlords expected to provide security features like burglar bars, alarms and sensors for a tenant?