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Factors to consider when renting a commercial property
When looking for commercial properties to rent, Private Property is the ideal one-stop property shop featuring the best rental deals from across South Africa. For business owners starting out, renting a commercial property rather than buying commercial property means no start-up capital and there is no long-term investment.
The area where you rent commercial property must be zoned for business use, otherwise you’ll have legal troubles at some point.
Renting a commercial property allows business owners to stay within budget.
In addition to remaining within the correctly-zoned area, it’s important to check how easily the property is to access, it’s proximity to competitors, safety and parking space.
Rental terms
A commercial lease allows for more leeway meaning renters can tailor the lease to their needs.
Structural needs
Make sure the building structure meets your specific needs regarding storage and electrical capacity.
Hidden costs
Renting a commercial space can include certain hidden costs so it’s worth working with professional real estate agents who have experience in these sort of lease agreements.
Rental increases
Check whether these are automatic or calculated and how often they will be incurred.
Whether you’re looking for (or advertising) commercial property to rent or commercial property for sale, then Private Property is the first-prize stop.
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