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5 tips to affordably smarten up your first home
In the media, millennials are often treated like the proverbial younger sibling, mocked for their shortcomings and begrudged for how easy they have it, in comparison to their predecessors.
12 stylish paint colours for the bedroom
If you’re planning on updating your bedroom, these bedroom ideas will give you the inspiration to create the room of your dreams.
South African Art and Colour Trends
Art can make a wonderful focal point and provide the inspiration for an entire decorating scheme. I sat down with Isabel Roos owner of Imbizo Art Gallery to talk more about Art and Colour Trends.
Enjoy Christmas in July
4th Avenue Parkhurst’s Christmas in July, 20 and 27 July, brings some cheer to the suburbs this month.
Scenic Seaview in focus
Well-known Port Elizabeth couple Dr Neil Littleton and Cole Cameron tells us about their neighbourhood
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