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Five tips for keeping your house in order
Routine mantainance for private residential homes and comprehensive insurance cover must be prioritised.
Ways property market trends affect you
There are certain factors which influence property buying, selling, or renting. What role do trends play?
What you need to know before you buy a stand
We are seeing a huge increase now in the demand for building stands
House fires – 14 must read safety tips
The importance of insurance, and ensuring that your home is equipped with well-maintained and regularly tested fire protection equipment.
How to find your dream home online
The online space provides immense property opportunities. What are some of the best ways to search for property online?
The most connected real estate portal on the African continent
Private Property South Africa (PPSA) is a leading real estate business which has mastered the art of reaching diverse consumer markets through its web and social media platforms.
The Absa Homeowner Sentiment Index for Q3 2021
The Absa Homeowner Sentiment Index has revealed some interesting market insights. What is the state of the market?
Global real estate performance
The global real estate industry has faced some serious challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. How is the performance currently?
The Ultimate Property Buyer’s Checklist
Buying property is an important investment decision which can often be overwhelming to deal with for many. What should be considered as you make property purchasing decisions?
7 Places to get free moving boxes South Africa
Securing your possessions is of prime importance when moving. Where can someone get free moving boxes in South Africa?