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How the "right of extension" clause can affect property values
Sectional Title home buyers need to look out for a “right of extension” clause in their sale agreement, because it could make a big difference to their property’s value in the future.
8 things to check before renting an apartment
Jumping head first into a new lease without first carrying out an in-depth walkthrough could leave you regretting your decision.
Could the Japanese art of Kakeibo help you buy a house?
Kakeibo, a Japanese method of saving money, claims to help people save up to a third of their monthly income. If used properly, it could be a great tool for those looking to buy a home.
What are your rights when developers build next door?
Do property developers have a responsibility to let you know when they plan to develop next to your home? And can you object?
Guidelines for keeping birds as pets
Many people in South Africa are fond of keeping birds as pets, but could you run fowl of the law by keeping one on your property?
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