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8 ways to ruin your chances of selling your home
Selling a home quickly, for the best possible price is what any property owner wants. It’s imperative that sellers get everything right in order to achieve a sale.
4 tips for first-time renters
Competition is fierce for rental properties and in order not to miss out, first-time renters should make sure that they are well prepared. Here is a quick guide for first-time renters
10 things to consider when house hunting
To help you stay focused on the important details during your house hunt, here are some tips and important decisions to think about before rushing to the property market.
How to choose a safe apartment
Many property buyers choose an apartment for their first property, and while location and size are often considered, security features are often overlooked.
Why sectional title living may not be for you
More people are choosing to live in sectional title property due to cost, safety and convenience. However, living in close proximity to others may not suit everyone.
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