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Hugging the outskirts of the bustling metropolis of Polokwane, Macadamia Care offers peace in its secluded surroundings. A proverbial village with its own, very unique personality, Macadamia Care, which forms part of The Aloes Lifestyle Estate in Polokwane is modern and upmarket; it is elegant in the truest sense of the word. Beautifully landscaped lawns stretch out across the vast expanse of this property, offering residents freedom to move around without the feeling of being confined. You can be sure that your loved ones will feel at home in this village, as they spend their golden years in luxury and comfort.

The village:

66 freehold 2-bedroom / 3-bedroom independent lifestyle units

12 freehold 2-bedroom / 3-bedroom assisted living units

124 sectional title apartments in close proximity to the Macadamia Care Centre for assisted living

A secure, gated community with an electrified perimeter fence and controlled access via an intercom system from the gate into each resident’s home

24-hour emergency assistance for all residents via a portable panic button

A modern, well-equipped Macadamia Frail Care Centre with in-centre accommodation for individuals requiring 24 hour care

A range of big-city amenities a short drive away

Manageable size gardens that are not enclosed, creating a park-like environment with paved walkways

A set of House Rules to ensure a quality community-living experience for all residents

Care services:

Level 0: Basic services:

  • General cleaning in unit – 2 x per week

  • Special cleaning, e.g. windows – 1 x per month

  • Passages cleaned – 1 x per week

  • Laundry – 2 x per week

  • Refuse removal – daily

  • 24-hr Emergency response

  • Clinic, e.g. blood pressure, dressings, blood sugar test – 1 x per week

  • Assistance with medication – daily

  • Check on resident, if required – 2 x per day

Level 1: All “Level 0” services, including:

  • Lunch – daily

Level 2:

  • Apartment care, e.g. making bed, washing dishes, etc. – daily

  • Assistance in and out of bed, bathing & dressing – daily

  • 3 meals per day

  • Extra checks on resident

  • Preparation for bed and settling of resident for the night (no specific night care)

Level 3:

  • Specialised 24-hour nursing care for the physically and mentally frail

  • Private rooms

  • Social activities – church services, exercises and hairdresser

Frail care

While residents are encouraged and assisted to remain independent for as long as possible, under certain circumstances residents are best housed in the care centre itself and are then provided with frail care services by Macadamia Care.

Recommendations to move residents to frail care are always discussed with the resident, their partner, children and personal doctor as appropriate.

While it is possible to offer frail care services in the homes of residents, this is a very costly service and not always feasible, dependent on the health and mental status of the resident and/or their spouse. Every case is reviewed on its merits and a decision is always taken in the best interests of the resident and their immediate family.

Frail Care Services

Frail care services provided in the care centre typically comprise:

  • All meals and refreshments

  • All laundry

  • All housekeeping and cleaning

  • 24/7 close monitoring of the resident

  • Medicine management

  • Bathing, dressing and feeding as required

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