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The Bluff is a beautiful geographical area south of Durban. The headland is situated on the remains of an extensive coastal dune system formed along the shore two to five million years ago. Bluff is Durban’s most prominent landmark, host to numerous nature parks, birdlife and wildlife, and exciting attractions for all ages.

The traditional Zulu name for Bluff is isibubulungu, meaning a long, round-shaped ridge. It is made up of seven suburbs, namely Brighton Beach, Grosvenor, King’s Rest, Ocean View, Fynnland, Treasure Beach, and Wentworth. The Bluff is only 20 minutes drive from Durban, and offers a quieter alternative from the busy, built-up beachfront of other areas in the city. There are two main beaches: Brighton Beach and Anstey’s, while a lesser known beach called Garvie’s offers a quieter option for those wishing to enjoy a secluded stroll or picnic. Bluff's beaches are popular among surfers, body boarders, and kite surfers, and the area is known for its abundant sea life, including dolphins, and Southern Right Whales when in season.

In addition to the beaches, Bluff has a wonderful array of nature activities including a small Bluff Nature Reserve, a 45 hectare expanse consisting of a large pan and adjacent forest. The pan is home to many water birds and waders, and two bird hides situated here make for excellent birding opportunities. The Bluff Eco Park, Durban’s oldest bird sanctuary stretches over 32 hectares, and features open grassland bordered by lush sub-tropical flora, and a variety of wildlife including 120 species of bird, duiker, banded mongoose, and other small mammals.

Other attractions close to the Bluff include the Millennium Tower, yacht and fishing clubs, and a whaling station, one of the last surviving features to remind us that whaling took place off the coast of Durban many years ago.

With that said it would make sense to live on the Bluff and as Acutts Bluff has shown remarkable growth in the past years due to the fact that the branch is extremely well positioned, in a major shopping centre next to the Virgin Active Gym, and the fact that the Bluff is statically one of the safest suburbs in South Africa has also contributed greatly to its success. Add the warm safe beaches, a championship Golf course and numerous schools, churches, sporting clubs, shopping centre’s, and all the brand name eateries, one can understand why this suburb is gaining popularity as the “Cinderella Suburb”.

If you are looking for a warm, safe environment for your family & friendly efficient staff then look no further then ACUTTS BLUFF.