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Living in Stellenbosch is a luxury many dream of. Located in the heart of the Cape Winelands, Stellenbosch can be found nestled among majestic mountains and authentic wine cellars. A large part of the town’s identity can be credited to the company of over 19, 000 resident students who contribute to the town’s distinctly youthful and vivacious culture.

While a 60-minute drive from Cape Town city centre, Stellenbosch is a community within itself – offering residents a wealth of attractions, entertainment facilities and restaurants which mean they never have to stray too far from their beautiful town. The nearest beach from Stellenbosch you can find in Strand and is only a 25km drive from Stellenbosch and Cape Town International Airport is only a 38km away.

Stellenbosch holds the prestigious title of being the second-oldest town in southern Africa.

Popularly regarded as the most scenically attractive and best preserved historical town in South Africa, Stellenbosch is a historian’s dream; with tall oaks shading the atmospheric streets and traditional architecture dotting every corner. With historical roots reaching deep into South Africa’s core, the town’s unique history is further reflected in the neo-Dutch, Georgian and modern-Victorian architecture which contour the Oak-lined streets.

From wine and student town to internationally recognised tourist destination, the town of Stellenbosch has undergone many transformations to be where it is today. This includes the business boom which has seen business opportunities soar in areas such as Techno Park. Town planners dedicate themselves to both the development and preservation of this historic town.

Stellenbosch offers an eclectic variety of property which range from farms, apartments and houses to vacant land, commercial properties and lifestyle estates.

Owing to the prestigious Stellenbosch University, the town enjoys an incredibly high percentage of investment properties – from apartments around campus to the renovation of old houses in and around the town. Regarded by many as the ‘gem’ of the Western Cape, Stellenbosch property is highly sought after – both residentially and commercially.