Training is the key to a great real estate career

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Ongoing training is imperative in a real estate career, if you want to provide the best service to your clients, ensure your reputation as an outstanding agent and spur your career forward.

Here are five great reasons to keep learning:

  • Training makes it easier to transition into a career in real estate. Candidates often enter the industry from similar or related fields such as sales, retail, banking or the law, and while the on-the-job training you’ll receive as an intern will be helpful, it is studying for your formal qualification as an agent that will give you the real context and rationale behind your day-to-day work – and help you pass the professional exam!

  • Training expands your thinking and teaches you new ways of doing things. Sticking to a regular routine or being complacent is an easy trap to fall into and won’t help you grain traction in your career. Training gives you the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from real estate experts and thought leaders. It challenges you to work with your colleagues in the industry and find solutions to age-old problems. There’s truth in the saying “two heads are better than one”.

  • Training makes you a more effective agent. As an agent you don’t have people’s physical health in your hands, but you are responsible for helping your clients make decisions with huge financial and emotional implications. You can do this much more effectively, and grow your reputation as a great agent, if you have up-to-date knowledge on everything from regulatory and legislative changes to new ways to market properties and stage homes.

  • Training increases your company’s knowledge pool. Personal development is more than just increasing your own knowledge. The real value of your training comes when the knowledge can be applied to real-life scenarios, to the benefit of your employers and clients as well as yourself. Equipped with the latest real estate insights and methods, you’ll ensure your company is working at the top of its game, and your clients can rest assured that their property is in expert hands.

  • Training gives you more skills and makes you valuable to your employer. As well as expanding your knowledge base and helping you to work more productively in your day-to-day role, undergoing training also says a lot to your employer about your commitment to the job. If you’re enthusiastic, have extensive knowledge and can demonstrate your dedication to your work, you’ll be a cut above the rest.

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