6 bathroom trends to look out for in 2018

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Lea Jacobs

Technology, brass fittings and space-saving design are some of the hot trends to look out for in bathrooms this year.

While the kitchen may still be regarded as the heart of the home, bathrooms have become sanctuaries. Not just a room where you go to clean up, but a space where you can relax, shrugging off the stresses of the day. Creating the right look and feel has become big business and accessories, showers and tubs have come a long way since the matching sets of the eighties and nineties.

So, what’s hot as far as bathrooms are concerned and what accessories are tipped to become hits in 2018?

High-tech toilets

For starters the humble toilet is about to go high-tech. Japan has led the way as far as modern toilets go and the trend of installing something that does way more than flush is beginning to spread across the globe. The 2018 offerings include seat warmers, built-in deodorisers, adjustable air dryers, automatic lids as well as a wireless music player that automatically starts playing your favourite tunes when the lid is lifted.

Smart showers

It’s not only toilets that have received a makeover. There are smart showers that automatically adjust the temperature to suit you and taps which automatically turn on when hands are placed underneath and turn off again once the hand is removed. Modern upmarket bathrooms now also incorporate a number of non-traditional appliances including fridges (to keep medicines and organic beauty products at the correct temperature), beverage centres, warming drawers for towels and gowns, TVs and wireless music systems. Basically it appears as if anything is possible as long as you have a large enough bank account.

Space-saving design

Of course not everyone can afford to own a property with an arena-sized bathroom. The good news however is that according to a number of experts, the design trends of 2018 will focus more on smaller spaces, with a range of designs to help homeowners transform their regular-sized bathrooms into luxurious, efficient spaces. Freestanding single person baths as well as smaller walk-in showers are in this year, as are smaller toilets and sinks. Shelving as well as floating vanity cupboards are seen as a great way of creating the perception of space.

Brass is back

As far as taps go...chrome is out and brass is in. The warm glow of a brass tap complements the grey tones that have become so popular in recent years and add an air of luxury to bathrooms decorated in neutral tones. Those who shy away from bling can tone things down by installing brass taps with a matte finish.

Less is more

Modern bathrooms aren’t cluttered, so use shelving or cabinets to hide personal items. Remember your bathroom should be the one room in your house where you go to relax. Some ideas for creating the ideal space include:

  • The odd pot plant on a shelf to give the room an organic feel
  • Framed prints that complement the décor
  • A large mirror (floor to ceiling is ideal if you have the space)
  • Towels that bring out/complement the colours of the room
  • A range of oils, soaps and bubble bath
  • Candles

Mood lighting

Setting the right mood with the right lighting is paramount, and different areas of the bathroom generally demand different lighting. Good lighting around a mirror is essential, but this doesn’t mean the entire bathroom should be bathed in bright light. Consider installing a dimmer switch or soft wall lighting to create the right effect.

No matter what options you choose, don’t forget that this is your very own personal space. Go for a colour scheme that appeals and relaxes at the same time. Go on - fill that tub, light those candles, put on your favourite CD and let your cares just soak away.

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