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Antoinette McDonald

Centurion is located between Pretoria and Midrand and residents there rave about the suburb.

Johan van Eeden is the principal at Eedenhuys Real Estate. He’s been a specialist in the Centurion property market for over a decade. He says Centurion is well situated between Johannesburg, Pretoria and the East Rand with easy access to these cities. It’s also close to a number of established schools, colleges and universities.
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“Centurion really has it all, from medical facilities to gyms, theatres, golf courses, schools, malls, police stations, old age homes, sports clubs and hotels.”

For Johan, one of the greatest things about Centurion is its country-like atmosphere. “You really don’t feel like you’re living in the city.” Johan also loves that there’s a real sense of community in Centurion. “Residents are really involved when it comes to the security of their suburbs and that makes a big difference”. Security in Centurion, from Tswane Photo Gallery

Johan says that despite a sluggish market, there are still good deals in Centurion. “There are many serious sellers with some great bargains on their hands. If you have the money, it’s a great time to come and see what’s on offer in Centurion.”

He says the return on investment in Centurion is also excellent. “I bought my first flat in 2002 for R132 000, and I could sell it for R540 000 in this market. That’s 309% growth. It’s phenomenal. And even in the current economy, there’s still growth.”

Centurion has a quiet, farm-like atmosphereSarah and Nivern Thabani Mpofu have been living in Centurion for a year. They brought their 117sqm home for R500 000. They chose Centurion because they believe they bagged a good deal on a house with a garden in a gated estate. “The area seemed nice and quiet and movies are just R16 at the Reds Mall – and half price on a Tuesday.”

On the down side, the trek to work in Joburg really gets to the Mpofus. Sarah teaches in Bryanston and the commute takes her an hour from Centurion. “My hubby works in Sandton so it takes him an hour and a half.”

If the Mpofus were to rent their home in Celtisdale, Centurion, they reckon they’d get about R4500 a month.

Johan says the rental market is booming. “We’re fielding about 15 enquiries daily from prospective tenants. People are battling to get a home loan so the rental option is attractive. Rentals have gone up in the past year.”

Johan says that renting a room in a house in Centurion will cost you about R1500 a month. “Monthly property rentals on garden flats and cottages start from R2500; one-bedroom flats/townhouses will cost you about R3000; while two- and three-bedroom units are going for R3500 to R4000. Renting a house will cost you anything from R5500; and homes in gated estates about R10 000 a month.

If you can secure a loan at this time, Johan says this is what you can expect to pay: Anything from R320 000 to R450 000 to purchase a one-bedroom flat in Centurion; from R450 000 for a two-bedroom flat; and from R550 000 for a three-bedroom flat.

Johan acknowledges that many sellers are in financial difficulty at the moment. “Regardless of the circumstances, my advice to sellers is not to put their property on the market unless they really have to. Also, don’t try to include other debt in your selling price, because you will not sell your house.”

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