Autumn interior design 2021

Autumn interior design 2021

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As the weather gets cooler, the way in which you’ve decorated your home for the warmer months of spring and summer may no longer be suitable.

Here are some top autumn interior design trends you should consider implementing in your home to make it more cosy and inviting during the colder months:

1. Layering isn’t just for fashion, it’s perfect for home decor too

Many people are familiar with the concept of layering clothes in autumn, but layering actually extends to decor in the home as well. Layering can be achieved through the use of textiles like throws, pillows, and curtains.

Be sure to remove light fabrics and switch them for heavier ones such as corduroy, wool, velvet and faux fur. To give you an idea of how you can decorate your home in winter, perhaps add a faux fur rug to your living room, add a thick and heavy throw on the coach and on your bed and opt for thermal curtains to keep your home nice and toasty.

2. Dried flowers and leaves don’t only look great in your yard, bring them indoors

We all know autumn for being the season where leaves fall off trees and beautiful budding flowers become bare. It’s difficult to think of these dried plants serving a decorative function but the truth is, dried flowers and leaves are great for decorating indoors during autumn.

Consider using potpourri, moss, dried pampas flower sticks, and even preserved flowers to spruce up your home in winter.

3. Warm colours are the go-to

In autumn, the goal is to make the home as cosy as possible. Colours go a long way in contributing to the atmosphere of your living space. Choose an earthy colour scheme as well as neutral colours to make your house feel like a home. These colours are associated with the sun, fire, and warmth, and your brain will relate all the colours around you to comfortability and warmth.

Learn more about colour therapy here.

4. Wood is always good

If you’re looking to elevate your home’s aesthetic this autumn, consider adding wood paneling to your living room, dining room and/bedroom.

You can choose from a variety of wood. Darker toned woods like walnut and mahogany work well if you’re looking to create a pleasant and homey atmosphere. You can also add some LED lights to your wood paneling to completely transform your living space.

5. Add more light with a roof window or skylight

If your budget allows, you can consider adding a roof window or a skylight to your home. Seeing that natural lighting is diminished in autumn, this is the perfect way to ensure that your home gets more light during cold and gloomy months.

The best part is that roof windows and skylights can also make your space feel and look more expansive and are also a way for you to experience indoor-outdoor living, which is proven to greatly impact people’s wellbeing positively.

To spruce up your home this autumn, consider implementing any one of the top five interior design trends above.

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