How to throw a terrific tennis-themed party

How to throw a terrific tennis-themed party

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Wimbledon is currently underway and a great way to watch the games is by throwing a tennis party. Here are some great tips on how to throw a winning tennis-themed party for your family and friends.

Whether you’re an Andy Murray fanatic or a Serena Williams admirer, if you enjoy all things tennis then why not throw a smashing tennis party in your home? It’s a great way to enjoy Wimbledon and bring fellow tennis lovers together. Even if your friends aren’t quite as tennis mad as you, this could be a great way to teach them about the sport. A tennis party can be enjoyed by the whole family, from kids to grandparents, as everyone can participate. Here are some smashing ideas for a tennis party at your house:


You could find or make racquet-shaped invitations with text in the top half of the racquet. Another idea is to use a tennis ball, cut it open and place the invitation inside. Tell people to dress in vintage tennis attire, to add a funky element to your party. You could schedule your party at the same time as one of the Wimbledon matches. That way, the focal point of the party can be to watch the match, and guests can enjoy some fun games before and after the match, with food and drinks during the match.

Female on a call holding a Tennis ball


Whether it’s a casual party or an elegant affair, your décor can make or break the atmosphere. You can use yellow, green and white décor items, to keep with the tennis theme. Things like yellow flowers with greenery for centrepieces, or glasses with tennis balls painted on them, are perfect for a classy occasion. Tennis balls can be placed strategically around your home and displayed inside vases or bowls. Racquets can be mounted on the walls. Fake grass can be used as table runners, set on white table cloths, for a quirky way to decorate an elegant table.

Food and drinks

Use yellow and green coloured food to fit with the tennis theme. Things like asparagus, broccoli, yellow and green peppers and macaroni and cheese work well. Bear in mind, the exception to the rule will be the classic strawberries and cream, a must-have for any tennis party. A funky dessert idea is to serve your guests a tennis ball that has been cut open and filled with little chocolates or sweets. Alternatively, a tennis-themed cake is always a winner, particularly if somebody is celebrating a birthday.

guests at a tennis party food and drinks

If simply sticking to the colours isn’t creative enough for you, you could theme your food around Wimbledon. For example, different food according to each player’s nationality, like American hotdogs after Serena Williams.

Make yellow and green coloured drinks to go along with the theme. Things with lemon or mint in them are bound to be delicious and the perfect colour. Cocktails like margarita’s or mojito’s are ideal, as they are particularly refreshing and fit the colour theme well.


If you have a tennis court, arrange for a round robin tournament to be played. Everyone can be included in it and you can have a prize for the winner, such as a mini trophy. If you don’t have a tennis court, set up some games in the garden. Badminton is a good idea as it’s easy to play, with or without a net, and is in keeping with the theme. Swingball is another option as it’s quick to set up and anyone can have a go at hitting the ball.

These winning ideas should make for a terrific tennis party, with entertainment for the whole family.


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