The latest lighting trends for your home

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We shed some light on the latest products and ideas that you can use to illuminate your home.

Although sometimes overlooked, lighting plays an important role in the home. Not only does it serve to illuminate a space, it sets the tone and can make a home feel bright and welcoming or dark and dreary.

Big strides have been made in the lighting space of late, the upshot of which is that homeowners can take their pick of beautiful and unique lighting products and ideas. The following are just a few of the trends homeowners can, ahem, plug into in 2015.

· Integrated automation:

‘Smart’ homes have been around for some time now and have changed the lives of homeowners around the world. Through smart home automation, you can switch on a pool pump, let visitors in, arm a security system, turn on a kettle, open the curtains and yes – turn on the lights – all with a simple touch of a remote keypad.

Demand for functional design which incorporates wireless exterior and interior lighting in these settings is on the increase. Notably, lights can now also be programmed in smart homes to be energy efficient and brighten specified areas according to the needs and activities of a space.

· Energy saving lighting:

For obvious reasons, energy efficient lighting is very much in vogue at present in South Africa. Arguably the most popular energy efficient lights are LED lights. Although initially more expensive, LED lights are more affordable, effective and practical than their ‘traditional’ counterparts over the long term.

Affordable solar lighting is also catching on. While traditionally used for camping and other outdoor activities, solar lighting is increasingly being used in the home to illuminate day-to-day activities - not only for when load shedding kicks in.

· Mood lighting:

Just as music can influence our moods, so too can lighting – and vice versa. Mood lighting is increasingly being favoured by homeowners seeking distinctive elements that set their home apart. Nowadays it’s possible to play with coloured light and light up dark corners, bookshelves, windowsills and cupboards in new and creative ways. Mood lighting instantly updates a space and can be incorporated into your children’s play area or room with ease.

· Strip lighting:

LED strip lighting is making inroads as a popular lighting choice. LED strip lights can be used indoors or outdoors for stairs, display cases, garden displays and mirrors amongst many other uses. What’s more is that thanks to their easy-to-use adhesive design, strip lights can be positioned just about anywhere.

· Go glam:

Once confined to musty, seldom used dining rooms, chandeliers are now being put to good use in just about every room of the house. While affordable, contemporary chandeliers are very much ‘on trend’, dazzling, upmarket mini and medium crystal chandeliers are also in demand with those who want to make a statement.

· Copper coloured fixtures:

Warm metal colours are all the craze in 2015. Copper in particular is being used across the spectrum. This beautiful warm, rosy coloured metal has filtered through to lighting and is being used to great effect. Think copper pendant lights, copper sconces and lamps.

· Pendant lighting:

Beautiful, innovative pendant lights are in and are available in a large range of colours, shapes and sizes. While traditionally suited to classical homes with high ceilings, there are now plenty of clever pendant designs which suit contemporary living. A useful trick for those keen on pendant lights is to spread them out horizontally to accentuate both the room they are wired into as well as specific pieces of décor and furniture.

· The natural look

Designers routinely borrow from nature. This principle has been applied to the world of lighting and is being used to great effect in 2015. Stone, wood, glass, leather and floral patterns have all been artfully integrated into various light designs which seem to work particularly well against contemporary and industrial style residential backdrops.

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