How to get finance at 6%, fixed for 15 years at a LTV of 80%

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Scott Picken

Tax, structuring and compliance is normally a very boring topic. However we have engaged a global leader in this field, who can show you how to use it to your advantage and ensure you can create global wealth, with ease.

If you can invest in property at a net yield of 8% to 15%, but can fix your finance at 6% for 15 years, you can basically eliminate the risk. Add to this the leverage effect of being able to get financing at 80% LTV, something which greatly reduces the currency devaluation challenges we face and you have lessons on a webinar that you cannot afford to miss. Click here to book.

(There is only limited space on this webinar and so book earlier and make sure you arrive early as there will be huge demand for these lessons)

What you will get on this webinar:

  • How to build a credit rating?

  • What structure to own property in?

  • What is the best structure to legally reduce your taxes?

  • How to get financing at 6%, fixed for 15 years?

  • How to get LTV at 80% in the best property market globally?

  • Where is the best place to invest?

  • How to get capital growth of 10% to 30% in today’s property market?

  • How to get net yields of 8% to 15%?

  • How to reduce the risk of Rand devaluation?

  • How to create global wealth to allow you the freedom in the future to do anything you want to do – live wherever you want, go on holiday anywhere, send you kids to any school or university you want, etc.

We have already shared these lessons in private breakfasts with our Wealth Migrate and IPS clients, so that they have the best information from the best partners. Now we want to share it with you!

Click here to book for the webinar

To helping you Create Global Wealth and Invest with Confidence!


Scott Picken

Founder and Chairmen of IPSFounder and Senior Managing Partner of Wealth Migrate

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