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While many businesses are pulling back on advertising expenditure, Private Property is busy rolling out a new and exciting advertising campaign. The campaign will be broadcasted via television, radio and online through Private Property’s Facebook fan page.

The commercials are part of a shift in strategy from within Private Property that will re-position the brand as South Africa’s leading property marketplace. This has been achieved by expanding our focus to include estate agents, who have always played an important role in the property industry, as well as the private seller market.

We at Private Property want to form better relationships with our users by engaging with them in a light hearted manner while educating them about our brand. The television campaign conveys the message that we are a property match maker, because Private Property believes that for every tenant or buyer there is the perfect home. Browsing for a property on the web is much like online dating: you skim through the potentials, click on the ones you like and eliminate the ones you don’t.

Check out our new Private Property ad below:

Private Property gives you all the information you need to make the correct decisions and the idea was to emphasise the emotional aspect of this process by personifying homes and their descriptive attributes. We intentionally cast amateur actors to give the advert a down to earth feel that every South African can identify with. Everything that is on show has its own unique character, imperfections included. The diversity of the amateur actors reflects the diversity of the property stock on our website and its users.

Our radio campaign consists of two fun promotions. The first one encourages listeners to phone in and describe themselves using property lingo, as if they were up for sale on Private Property’s website. The second is similar, except listeners need to describe their ideal partner using the same property lingo. For example, “I’m looking for a low maintenance property with great entertainment areas…” This promotion capitalises on the central campaign concept of finding your perfect match with Private Property.

Finally, Private Property’s very busy Facebook fan page will add yet another fun feature. Firstly, the new application will ask a user to select one of their favourite (or not so favourite) friends. Following that, the user will be asked a series of multiple choice questions relating to the chosen friend. Then based on the responses, the user will be shown a description of their friend in property lingo. The undoubtedly hilarious description will then be shared on the users’ wall, as well as the friends’ wall.

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