The Great Rand Debate - Leading experts in South Africa discuss what is happening and where it is going?

Private Property South Africa
Scott Picken

The only weapon you have in uncertainty is knowledge.

In this webinar, Scott Picken will interview Andrew Rissik and James Paynter, two of South Africa's leading experts on the Rand to understand what is happening with the Rand, why and where it is going.

We will cover:

  • Intro to the book, Property Going Global with Clem Sunter, the models we use and why currency is so crucial to our global wealth and investing.

  • Introduce Andrew to discuss where we are now, what has happened over the last 3 years and why it has happened.

  • Introduce James who is the expert on forecasting and ask him most importantly where we are going, based on his structured way of forecasting the Rand.

  • Then a debate where we analysis different scenarios which people need to understand and plan for.

  • Real life examples of what has happened to people based on the scenarios.

  • IPS rounds off with the impact on Global Wealth.

If you want to grow and protect your global wealth in 2014 then this is not a webinar you can miss!

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