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Bathrooms have increasingly become a focal point of homes and should be viewed as such by those who want to sell their property at a later stage. So says Tile Africa retail display co-ordinator Liza Watermeyer who explains that those taking a long-term outlook should consider giving their bathrooms a contemporary makeover given the timeless nature of this style.

“Contemporary bathrooms that strike the right balance between being simple and fresh without being clinical tend to retain their appeal far longer than bathrooms which feature certain colours, décor and fixtures which can be associated with a distinctive time period or trend. For instance, anyone who comes across burnt orange coloured tiles or muddy green fittings and fixtures almost automatically associates the bathroom with the 70’s. A mark of a good contemporary bathroom is that it should exude a sense of warmth and timelessness.”

To achieve the uncluttered, contemporary look, Watermeyer advocates focusing on clean, simple lines throughout the bathroom. “The cabinets and vanity should be uncomplicated yet bold as should the other fittings. One-piece toilets, sleek bathroom tubs and squared-off taps come to mind.”

“Another key focal point should be the countertop,” notes Watermeyer. “In the contemporary bathroom, such surfaces are typically clean and uncluttered so splurge a little and install a countertop that stands out. Granite or bamboo make for good contemporary style countertops while marble tends to make a room feel more traditional and dated.”

Bold backsplashes go hand in hand with distinct countertops and present a great opportunity for homeowners to add a little flair adds Watermeyer. Whereas ceramic tiles, painted or flowery backsplashes should be avoided, backsplashes made of glass tile or polished stone tie in nicely with the contemporary theme she says.

“In terms of the colour palette, consider a blend of neutrals offset by a few vibrant ‘pops’ of colour such as blue, red or emerald, Pantone’s ‘2013 Colour of the Year’,” says Watermeyer. “The colour has been described as ‘lively, radiant, lush and elegant’ and shouldn’t date for many years if used in moderation. It’s also worth noting that the correct blend of colours can even lend a bathroom a spa-like feel.”

If you have some money left over for a little luxury, consider installing a heated towel rail, notes Watermeyer. “Imagine being able to step out of your beautiful sleek shower or tub on a cold winter’s day and being able to wrap yourself in a warm, cosy towel. Such moments are worth splashing out on.

“And although considered an energy gobbling luxury, towel rails are not as costly or energy intensive as many perceive them to be. Indeed, the average heated towel rail utilises the same amount of electricity as a lamp or two and costs around R2500. Such fixtures also help to elevate the value of a property in the minds of potential buyers too.”

“Crisp lighting, an elegant vase filled with flowers or bamboo stalks, a framed artwork and a few choice candles can complete a contemporary look, create a tranquil oasis and make your home stand out from the rest come time to sell,” concludes Watermeyer.

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