Choosing a family home for a growing family

Choosing a family home for a growing family

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Sarah-Jane Meyer

Creating beautiful memories requires the perfect space, and the family home is the backdrop for your most treasured recollections. It’s where your children grow up and where you feel most comfortable.

When you choose your forever home you need to make sure it will meet your family’s needs and fit your lifestyle through all the changes to come over the years.


The right location will probably be the first thing you look at when searching for your ideal family home. The best location for you will depend on your family’s specific needs.

If your children are very young, you should look for relatively quiet areas, away from noisy main roads with heavy traffic. If your children are already slightly older, locations with a good selection of local amenities such as play parks, good schools, shops and sports facilities are suitable options.

For peace of mind, do some research on the crime patterns in the neighbourhood. Talk to local residents and the neighbourhood watch, if there is one.

Open plan

Most modern properties have open living areas, and these are ideal for families. Open plan living encourages quality time with children and parents for a family atmosphere, as the household hub is all in one room.

Open plan living areas create the illusion of bigger rooms and more space and allow parents and children to have time together, even if they participate in different activities.

This type of space can also facilitate parental supervision, which is particularly important with younger children and generally helps to bring family members closer.

Natural light

Plenty of natural light makes a home feel friendly and airy. It also provides excellent conditions for growing house plants which can help to purify the air.

In addition to large windows and sliding doors, natural light can be added with skylights, conservatories and french doors.


When looking for your ideal family home, the right number of bedrooms for your family is an obvious criterion. Most families can also do with a utility room that can function as a laundry, an overflow space, a pantry or a playroom where children are allowed to make a mess without any fuss.


Your garden is an extension of your home and should be a safe environment in which your children have space to play and grow.

Even a small garden can provide you and your family with the outdoor space you need. A good patch of lawn can be a safe place to play and form the backdrop for outdoor play equipment.

By utilising the guidelines provided above, you will be able to establish your ideal family home.

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