Click, click, sell

Click, click, sell

Private Property South Africa
Cathy Nolan

The advent of technology is impacting how property buyers and sellers interact. Nine out of 10 property buyers now search the Internet (and more than 700 000 people access Private Property every month) before using any other form of media as the information that they need is now instantaneous and only a mouse-click away.

Private Property's database is fully searchable and you can input your criteria to receive SMS notifications when homes or commercial properties that match your wish-list become available. This advice centre portal also contains enough pertinent informationto fill an apartment block – but please don’t print it to test this claim, we’re firm advocates of “save a tree, don’t control P”.

To give you an idea of the value of this information, our weekly newsletter has 140 000 subscribers. You can find the subscription link here.

We’re on Facebook and Twitter (@propertysa). Our latest ad campaign is on YouTube. We think it’s hilarious, and we’ve got some more side-splitting ideas planned.

Getting back to the work stuff, our quest is to create a truly digital property marketplace and so we’re constantly developing mobile appsand other goodies to help our buyers, sellers and agents stay abreast of the market. We’ve also innovated the Property Index,which enables home owners to keep track of their properties’ values, as well as those of other properties in the area, in order to help them make informed decisions about when to sell or add value by renovating.

What else is in the pipeline, you ask? Plenty, actually – follow or friend us to find out. See you online.

Oh, and good luck with your property quest. Please call 087 375 1000 if you have any questions about getting the best use out of our property marketing services.


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