Clifton School Durban– One School, One Family

Clifton School Durban– One School, One Family

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Clifton School is a school of tradition based on a Christian ethos in Morningside, Durban. Catering for Grade R to Matric, Clifton School is dedicated to the thorough preparation of boys to the highest standard in an environment with inherent family values. At every level, Clifton boys are encouraged and motivated to achieve their best, and are given the grounding they need to succeed at school and in their future endeavours in South Africa and throughout the world.

Grade R at Clifton combines work and play to achieve a happy medium conducive to the development of pivotal study skills at the foundation level. This includes a focus on the key learning areas, and the stimulating learning environment instils learners with a keen sense of enquiry. During Grade R, learners are prepared for preparatory school learning through skills and knowledge, as well as through exposure to the IT, Media and Music Centres.

The preparatory school at Clifton is child-centred and provides the ideal introduction to formal education. Educators are committed to discovering potential and bringing goals to fruition in the creation of well-rounded students with a zealous approach to their school days. The boys continue to flourish in small classes at the prep school level, and specialist teachers further enhance the learning experience in consultation with class teachers. These teachers give learners an undoubted scholastic upper hand in an evolving, modern world.

The College is an extension of the excellent basis offered by the junior levels. A number of opportunities are made available to the boys in the classroom, on the sports field and in the cultural arena, and they are encouraged to participate in as much as possible to gain maximum benefit of the superior offerings at the school. Experienced teachers are dedicated to the success of every learner and create a challenging and dynamic classroom environment. This is complemented by the use of advanced educational technology. Cumulatively, the teaching practices on offer at Clifton prepare learners for excellence in their high school careers, tertiary undertakings and future professions by giving them a holistic proficiency in a vast array of areas.

At all levels, Clifton boys are encouraged to participate in the extra-curricular offerings at the school. These activities are age-appropriate and, as well as developing important social, physical and strategic skills, engages learners in healthy competition, an opportunity to showcase a broad range of talents and endows them with a sense of pride in their school through interaction with other teams. The cultural activities, together with the numerous clubs and societies within the school, often augment the curriculum and enhance the classroom experience in a recreational manner.

A special emphasis is placed on appreciation of the arts. As such, Clifton School has active art, drama and music departments, whereby tuition is offered to individuals and groups. Boys garner experience in their various areas by being given ample opportunity to perform.

A central facet of the ethos at Clifton School is the focus on promoting values that translate into service of the community. These values are given practical application through a number of on-going community projects that are run by the school. In particular, the school’s main project involves partnership with Isibonela Secondary School that creates upliftment programmes for the disadvantaged and is mutually beneficial to both schools from an educational, social, cultural and environmental perspective. The result is a student population of socially-conscious young men who are compassionate and pragmatic.

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