Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast – Building a Solid Foundation

Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast – Building a Solid Foundation

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Claire Fraser

Off the Watson Highway in Westbrook, Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast gives all children premium grounding for a successful future.

Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast is situated on the same campus as Crawford College and Crawford Preparatory North Coast. The grounds are spacious, lush and surrounded by sugar cane fields. The highly-trained and experienced staff are dedicated to the achievement of every child’s full potential. They strive to accomplish this in an environment that is happy, caring, stimulating and safe, and through activities that nurture team work and develop them as individuals. As a result of their success in these endeavours, Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast has contributed to the solid reputation of the Crawford chain for holistic educational excellence.

Grade 00 and Grade 0 children at Crawford Pre-Primary are given lessons that assist them in computer skills development. As such, the school has a specialised computer room for this purpose. In addition to this, the unique offering of Crawford Pre-Primary and Preparatory schools called INPP Developmental Moving Programme is incorporated into the curriculum, and is one of the specialist offerings at the school. This has been shown to be effective in improving the physical skills at this pivotal the foundation stage of learning – something that will benefit them at higher educational levels. This developmental exercise programme is performed under the supervision and guidance of teachers every day, and is pivotal in the correct alignment of the head with the body, which results in children being instilled with proper posture. They also participate in exercises that aid with co-ordination and balance.

THRASS (or Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) is another of the exceptional offerings at Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast. This is a progressive means of teaching English to children of all ages, and stands them in good stead for the remainder of their lives. This teaching method integrates pictures, keywords and phonics to endow learners with the building blocks of the English language. Parents interested in finding out more about the THRASS system are encouraged to visit for more information. THRASS is incorporated into the lessons of children at the school in an age-appropriate way. This culminates in the basics of reading skills being taught at Grade 0 level.

Extra-murally, a range of activities are available at the Crawford North Coast campus. This includes Hip Hop, Tots and Pots Cooking Club, Monkeynastix, Ballet, Christian Studies, Hindu Studies, Busyballers, Manners for Minors, Karate, Soccer and Kidscore Yoga and Pilates. These activities instil a culture of involvement in sports and cultural activities that will aid in the creation of healthy bodies and enquiring minds.

Children at Crawford Pre-Primary North Coast are also instilled with a sense of social responsibility as members of the community. Recyclable goods are brought to the bins at the school to be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner. Children are also encouraged to support local charities, and the school’s annual book evening sees the school donate books to a local crèche.

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