Curro College, Hazeldean – Excellent Learning

Curro College, Hazeldean – Excellent Learning

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Claire Fraser

Curro College, Hazeldean, is a combined, parallel-medium school (English and Afrikaans) that provides affordable, quality private school education. The classes are designed to empower learners and develop excellence in learning. In an environment of love, educators nurture potential in training our future leaders.

Curro encompasses Early Childhood Development Centres, giving young children a meaningful first year of school. They are cared for in a loving environment, where they can play and learn in a disciplined, structured environment. The curriculum is developed as learners progress through the different developmental stages.

The Curro system is special for the enhancements made to the curriculum. The Curro Centre for Educational Excellence offers additional programmes with a focus on the different learning areas. Learners are given holistic preparation for their futures by giving them life, industrial and concentrated skills. At senior level, a focus is placed on Mathematics, Science and Technology – all of which provide an invaluable basis for other disciplines. Computer studies are undertaken by all learners from Grade 1 as a fundamental skill. The curriculum at all levels provides a foundation for the International Examinations Board examinations written at the end of Grade 12.

Skills and knowledge are developed alongside the ability to successfully apply these to their lives. Educators at Curro are the ideal facilitators of these skills, and undergo regular training as part of curriculum development. This keeps Curro in line with international standards of excellence and provides learners with a top quality education. The academic life of the school is complemented by the God-centred ethos and the endowment of values such as love, loyalty and respect as an essential part of every member of the Curro family. Every learner lives through these values and is a proud ambassador of the school.

The facilities at Curro College, Hazeldean, aid in providing a premium education – academically, on the sports field, in the arts and cultural activities, as well as recreationally. All of these areas are designed to be enriching areas for learners, catering for their needs and interests and building on the Curro standards of excellence.


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