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Doxa Deo is located in Faerie Glen, Pretoria East, and offers Christ-centred education from Grade RRR to Grade 12.

Doxa Deo East is a part of the Doxa Deo family. Doxa Deo means “the glory of God” and this family has the desire to see the glory of God reflected in the lives of all people. Doxa Deo East was founded in 1998, and Doxa Deo College came into operation in 2003, seeing its first matric students in 2007.

At Doxa Deo East, our staff and curriculum ensure education with a Christ-centred worldview preparing learners that have the potential to transform communities and ensure the establishment of God’s kingdom within the various spheres of a community and greater society. From Grade RRR, children get to know God and develop a sense of their identity in Christ. Early learning skills are conveyed and the groundwork for school years, marked with achievement, is carefully laid. At pre-school level, this involves a number of sensory activities, mostly through play, as well as an informal introduction to literacy and numeracy. It is also a time where the routine and structure of school becomes a happy habit.

At primary school, learners receive a sound introduction and formal instruction in the national syllabus, as well as receiving lessons that will fortify their Christian principles. Class lessons are supplemented by computer studies and research in the media centre, allowing learners to develop early study skills that will aid them in high school. The high school or, as we refer it, our College at Doxa Deo focuses on two main areas – the academic programme and the biblical lifestyle programme. At the end of Grade 9, learners complete the IEB assessment and it is at this point that they choose their preferred subjects from the range offered at the school. This choice is made with the assistance of the teachers, and will serve in their direction for tertiary study.

The biblical programme at College level is mainly facilitated through two major components: The World View Seminars held each term, as well as the Passion Programme. This programme has a marked effect on the character of Doxa Deo learners. It is these unique elements of the school that helps to define good choices, and covers a number of life areas pertinent to young people in the twenty-first century.

The Passion programme is implemented from Grade RRR to Grade 12 and involves various initiatives and outreach based on the different components of the programme. The programme covers the following elements: Passion for God; Passion for Integrity; Passion for People and Service; Passion for the Nations; Passion for Growth; Passion for Tshwane (the community); and Passion for Leadership. All of these areas are given expression through a range of projects throughout the year.

Participation in extra-mural activities is held in the highest regard at Doxa Deo. This extends from the little ones to the College pupils, and is seen as an expression of God-given talents. There are a number of sporting and cultural activities on offer at the school to cater for varying tastes. Sport is regarded as essential component in the development of social character and forms an important part in the establishment of Christ-centred values, going beyond the classroom environment. As many as 14 different sport codes are on offer at the school and include the most obvious sports such as rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, athletics, as well as unique sports such as equestrian, golf, mountain biking, wrestling and biathlon. Culturally, the school places a strong focus on the arts, and music and dance are particularly popular amongst the students. This is invaluable to worship and allows participants to connect with God through their creativity.

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