Eastleigh Primary School – Aim High

Eastleigh Primary School – Aim High

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Claire Fraser

With a history spanning back to 1938 – a time of humble beginnings – Eastleigh Primary School has expanded within a tradition of excellence, whereby the participation of learners in the school’s rich offerings is key to their success.

Classes and extra-mural activities are headed by a dedicated staff body, with lessons encompassing life skills and leadership wherever possible. These teachers instil a keen sense of perseverance in their learners, helping them to achieve at their best and set their goals high. This involves the development of talents and strengths, whilst overcoming difficulties. The education at Eastleigh Primary takes cognizance that, in an ever-changing world, learners will have to be adaptable, meaningful individuals; and lessons are geared to make this a part of their classes.

Education at Eastleigh Primary School covers the academic, physical, emotional and cultural needs of all learners. This is values-driven across all spheres and, as much as possible, incorporates parental involvement in aiding learners to embrace the school’s spirit of tolerance and responsibility. The school also offers a caring pre-primary school facility, offering little ones an Eastleigh foundation upon which they can build and grow on entering “big school.”

The facilities at Eastleigh are an important element of the education process. The school’s computer lab and library are hubs of information and provide pivotal skills to learners. Eastleigh Primary School’s sporting and cultural programme complements the in-classroom lessons at the school. These activities are broad, and learners have done well in a number of areas over the years. Competitions, matches and concerts are an exciting part of the school’s calendar, giving learners a chance to display their talent. These activities play a fundamental role in the development of learners and aid in their all-round success in the school, as well as in the classroom and socially.

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